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About Yaotai

Yaotai has been a dependable precision engineering partner and manufacturer of high-quality components and assemblies for machines, tools, and instruments since 1999.

All machining operations follow ISO compliance, including CNC milling, CNC turning, and grinding, are available from us. Completely in accordance with the customer's specifications, at a continuously high quality level, and on time. We manufacture machining and turning products made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, and others.

Dongguan Yaotai Technology Co., Ltd.

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OEM/ODM Precision Fabriacation Parts


As a Turnkey manuafcturer, Yaotai provides three types of milling services: three-axis milling, four-axis milling, and five-axis milling. Milling is the machining process of removing material from a single piece of metal by progressing in a direction that is at an angle with the tool's axis. As a result, the product is made from a single piece of metal, eliminating the need to weld sections together, increasing the product's strength and endurance.

CNC Machining certers


Turning is a machining operation that produces a precise cut in a cylindrical shape by moving a non-rotating cutting tool linearly as the workpiece spins. The cutting tool just needs to travel straight on the X and Z axes because the working piece is rotating at a high RPM. When treating the external surfaces of a work piece, the phrase "turning" is usually employed, however when the same cutting operation is used to the inside surfaces, the term "boring" is used.

CNC Lathes




Advanced CNC machines, drilling machines, punch machines, tapping machines, riveting machines can achieve customers variety of designs.



Engineers: at least 20years of metal fabrication experience; Sales: more than 11 years overseas sales experience, help hundreds of customers save production and shipping cost and win more business.



ISO 9001 certified factory.
Tolerance can meet ±0.005mm.
QA inspects every 2 hours during production.



Sign NDA with customers.
All drawings and customers information will be highly protected.



R&D, Technical service.
Professional sales service.



What will you concern if dealing with Yaotai?

A.How long will be the production lead time?

Yaotai: The shortest lead time can be one week for your urgently need. In general, it is 2-3weeks for our production. If any parts need building mould like die casting parts, forging parts, stamping parts, the lead time is about 3-4weeks.

B.How will Yaotai arrange the shipment?

Yaotai: First, we follow our customer’s requirements.
If the goods is less than 200KG, we suggest to ship via air or express(DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT).
If the goods is more than 200KG, then ship via sea will be better.
However, as the transportation cost keep changing, we will check with our forwarder for the costs of all the possible ways before any shipments. And offer all the solutions to our customer so that they can choose the one they need.

C.What is the product manufacturing process?

1. Engineers and sales analyzing the technical and quality requirements of customer’s product
2. Engineers determining the key manufacturing process
3. Choosing the request material
4. Reviewing each detailed manufacturing processes
5. Indentifying machines,fixtures, tools that required for each process.
6. Formulating quality control standards
7. Debugging machines,arranging mass production and control
8. 100% appearance inspection and packing
9. Arranging delivery