Something About CNC Turning You Should Know

Our mission is to help you source professional-quality prototypes and low- to mid-volume custom parts so that you can meet your critical deadlines and keep your projects moving. We do that by offering a one-stop shop for custom manufacturing, which includes CNC milling and CNC turning. Yaotai can manufacture your custom CNC parts and enclosures in as little as 7-10 days with no minimum order requirement.
图片11、CNC Turning – and What It’s Useful For
CNC turning is a metal fabrication process wherein a part is held in place on a rotating spindle which makes contact with a stationary tool in order to remove material until the part is in its desired shape.
The key advantage to CNC turning is that the process can form complex geometries that would otherwise be unavailable in CNC mills. This is especially true for cylindrical parts or “wavy” features, which would otherwise be very difficult to form within a CNC mill. This is not to say CNC turning can only produce rounded parts – a wide variety of geometries are possible when using a lathe, including square and hexagonal shapes.
2、Materials for CNC Turning
Yaotai stocks aluminum, cold-rolled steel and stainless-steel bar-stock in a variety of lengths and diameters.
3、Length to Diameter Ratio for CNC Turning
When creating CNC turned parts, the length to diameter ratio is an important component of your design. The general rule of thumb is to not have a length-to-diameter ratio that is greater than 5. Exceeding this ratio will place too much force onto a part that will be unable to support it, resulting in failure. The increased pressure on slender parts will likewise increase the risk of failure.
4、CNC Turning Tolerances
Yaotai’s default tolerance is +/- 0.005 for CNC turned parts. We can sometimes achieve tighter tolerances in some instances, depending on your parts geometry and the tooling that we use. If your part will require a tighter tolerance than our standard +/- 0.005, let us know at the quoting stage. Our team will be able to assess your requirements and advise on your options.

Post time: May-07-2022