Aluminum Blue Anodized CNC Machined Extruded Heat Sink

Aluminum Blue Anodized CNC Machined Extruded Heat Sink Manufacturer

Product information:
1.Materials: Aluminum 6063
2.Surface treatment: blue anodizing
3.Process: extrusion
4. Inspection machines: CMM, 2.5D projector to assure the quality requirements.
5. Compliant with RoHS Directive.
6. Edges and holes deburred, surfaces free of scratches.
7. We accept any OEM orders and can accept small orders for test quality.
Other information:
MOQ: ≥1 piece or according to customer’s request
Payment: 50% deposit, 50% balance in advance
Delivery Time: 2-3weeks
FOB Port: Shenzhen port
Quality Control: 100% inspected

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What are Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

Extruded Aluminium is a manufacturing process where aluminium is forced at high pressure through a die that has been designed to create a desired cross-section.

There are two major advantages to producing extruded aluminium parts; the ability to create complex cross-sections and the ability to economically create parts that are meters in length.

Yaotai has been producing custom aluminium extrusions for many years, delivering high precision, complex profiles to clients from a vast range of industries. Normal tolerances to EN755-9 are possible and a number of finishes including anodizing are available.

With a wide variety of secondary processes including CNC Machining, Yaotai is your partner for a complete manufacturing solution.

Why Choose Yaotai for Bespoke Aluminium Extrusions?

With a vast range of manufacturing processes and finishing options under one roof, Yaotai has the flexibility, capability and expertise to deliver your aluminium extrusion project.

Yaotai offers aluminium extrusions with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and a capacity that scales with your needs.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures quality throughout the process. Trust Yaotai to deliver you parts on time and to specification.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional, responsive and personalised customer service. Get in touch today to start your project.

What materials are available for Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

The following grades of aluminium are available for extrusion. Do you require a specific temper such as T5 and T6? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect material.


What finishes are available for Custom Aluminium Extrusions?

As Extruded (Raw)

Surface roughness can be specified using Ra value. Ra3.2 - 1.6um as standard.

Hand Brushed

Achieve a brushed look. Ideally anodised after.

Anodised Type 2

Standard: clear, black, red, green, blue, yellow / gold. Any other with a RAL number.

Anodised Type 3

Standard: black or grey.

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