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We can help customers build various of heat sinks:

Extruded heat sinks

Bonded fin heat sinks


Forced convection coolers

Fan heat sink assemblies

Folded fin heat sinks

Die casting heat sinks

Friction stir welding heat sink

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What is Heat Pipe Heat Sink?

A heat pipe is a vacuum-sealed copper tube that may swiftly transmit heat away from the source. A heat pipe's high thermal conductivity allows it to transmit and dissipate heat to a more convenient place via capillary action. This effect is analogous to immersing a paper towel in coffee and seeing the fluid rise up the towel. Heat pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Flat or round, they may be made to fit most contours.

We are a leading manufacturer of heat pipe heat sinks with years of expertise designing and manufacturing high-quality cooling systems for electronic devices.


Heat sink Copper Pipe Heater

A copper heat pipe heat sink is a cooling mechanism that dissipates heat produced by componentry in electronic equipment. Copper is used to make heat pipes because of its excellent thermal conductivity, which facilitates effective heat transfer. A copper pipe that has been sealed and contains a small amount of working fluid is called a heatsink. The working fluid in the heat pipe evaporates when heat from the electronic component is applied to one end, traveling to the other end where it condenses and releases heat. This procedure assists to keep the electronic gadget from overheating by enabling efficient heat dissipation. Heatsinks made of copper are extensively utilized in a wide range of applications, such as computers, laptops, and other electrical devices.

Personalized Heat Sinks

We provide custom designs in addition to our conventional heatpipe heatsinks to satisfy our clients' unique needs. Together, you and our skilled engineering team may create a unique heatpipe heatsink that satisfies all of your requirements.

For additional information, contact us(https://www.cncyaotai.com/contact-us/) right now!

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