Custom Aluminum Stamping Metal Sheet OEM CNC Machined Frame

Product information:
1. Offer OEM/ODM services

2. Materials:Aluminum

3. Surface treatment: non, can do according to customer’s requests.

4. Inspection machines: CMM, 2.5D projector to assure the quality requirements. Compliant with RoHS Directive.

5. Edges and holes deburred, surfaces free of scratches.

6. We accept any OEM orders and can accept small orders for test quality.

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Custom Aluminum Stamping Metal Sheet manufacturer

Other information:

MOQ: ≥1 piece or according to customer’s request

Payment: can be negotiated

Delivery Time: 2-3weeks

FOB Port: canbe negotiated

Quality Control: 100% inspected

Which industry can use custom Stamping metal parts?

 Metal stamping is the process of using specialized machinery to shape sheet metal into a desired design. It involves cutting, bending and forming sheet metal to make specific parts or components. This stamping parts are commonly used in various industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics and appliances.

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 A special application is the stamping of sheet metal for CNC machined frames.  CNC machining is a technology that uses computer-controlled tools to remove material from a workpiece. By combining stamping and CNC machining, manufacturer can create complex and precise metal frames.

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 Stamping and CNC machining combined have several advantages. First, the stamping process can create complex and detailed designs that might be difficult or costly to achieve through other methods.  The use of CNC machining further improves the precision and accuracy of the final product. This combination of technologies ensures a high quality frame to exact specifications.

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 The automotive industry extensively uses stamped sheet metal to create CNC machined frames. Automakers need frames that are strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Metal stamping combined with CNC machining allowed them to produce a frame that met these requirements while maintaining structural integrity.

 In the aerospace industry, stamped metal sheets are used to create aircraft frames. Frames must withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and other environmental factors. Metal stamping allows manufacturers to create frames with the necessary strength and durability to ensure safe air travel.

 Electronics and appliances also benefit from CNC machined frames of stamped metal sheets. These industries require frames that are not only beautiful, but also durable and reliable. The combination of stamping and CNC machining allows manufacturers to produce frames that are both functional and beautiful.

In conclusion, stamped and CNC machined frames have numerous applications in different industries. The automotive, aerospace, electronics and appliance industries all utilize this technology to create strong, precise and visually appealing frames. The combination of stamping and CNC machining allows manufacturers to produce complex designs with the highest precision. As technology advances, we can expect metal stamping and CNC machining to continue to play an important role in the manufacturing process.

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